21 Aug
DynaMaya Beta 5 out now!

The new DynaMaya includes is now fully 1.1 compatible as well as having some bug fixes. One issues had to do with circles when they were sent to Maya...

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16 Jul
DynaMaya Beta 3 installer updated….Again

So there continue to be some issues with the installer. I will admit that installers are not the easiest things to write and could benefit from one of those...

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28 Jun
DynaMaya Installer for Beta 3 updated

Some minor bugs were found in the installer for Beta 3 and they have been fixed. If you have been experiencing issues please try the new installer.

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19 Jun
DynaMaya Beta 3 for Dynamo 1.0

DynaMaya Beta 3 for Dynamo 1.0 is released (finally). It took some extra time to clear some core bugs and revamp a feature that has proven to be invaluable...

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4 Apr
Solar Analysis in Maya with DynaMaya

A quick video showing how you can hook up a surface in Maya and run solar analysis on it . More complex examples to come…   Solar Analysis in...

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22 Oct
Install error fixed

A small issue with some computers was notices with the installer. This has been fixed. if the install does not go smoothly please download the updated file again ....

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21 Oct
Alpha Release of DynaMaya

The alpha release is finally out. Please check it out and provide feed back. If you doing something interesting with it let me know!

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DynaMaya : Dynamo for Maya

Fully Intergrated

Dynamo fully integrated into Maya giving you access to the power  of both.

Concept to Construction

DynaMaya is intended to create a complete design workflow. Using Dynamo as common platform you can access the advanced modeling and dynamics of Maya with the powerful parametric tools of Dynamo. And with a common file format continue the exploration in Revit… no exporting needed.

Open Developmet

DynaMaya will be an open development project (once the code is stable!)

DynaMaya Alpha 3

What is it!

DynaMaya is an implementation of Dynamo with Maya. This is in beta and should be considered experimental.  DynaMaya uses your base dynamo instillation so it will always follow the latest Dynamo development. In fact if you have Dynamo installed for Revit then you already have it installed for Maya! When you open Dynamo inside Maya it will see any additional packages you have already installed as long as they are not Revit specific.

The goal of the plugin is to create a fully unified workflow and overcome some the issues associate with interoperability between programs. By using Dynamo as a common platform you can access the full power of Maya with all of its advanced geometry creation including nCloth, blend shape, animation, joints and IK . While in Maya you can access the parametric powers of Dynamo by building on the Maya geometry with a familiar parametric node based system as well as access the numerous design and analysis tools such as solar analysis , and surface rationalization.   The structure of the plugin is designed in such a way that the Maya geometry can be embedded into the Dynamo dyn file and directly opened in Revit or any other software that Dynamo is embedded into. This is meant to eliminate the need to export files or other methods needed to transfer from one software to another.

If you need to find out more about Dynamo  please visit http://dynamobim.org. there is a wealth of information as well as access to the latest versions and downloads.

Inside Maya

DynaMaya is fully integrated into Maya. Take advantage of parametric abilities of Dynamo and the advanced modeling and dynamics of Maya

Dynamo Libraries

Access all the Dynamo libraries for use in Maya such ad paneling, Solar Analysis, and Structural plugins.

Just the Beginning

This is the first step...with a long way to go

Unified Workflow

The goal is to unify the workflow from concept to construction. DynaMaya will play nice with others including Revit. Currently Maya Revit is support through the amazing package "Flux"